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Nowadays for so many reasons, it is inevitable to filter the steam and smoke resulting from turning and milling machines.

During dry cutting process, especially in tough cutting conditions are observed formation of dense smoke. During wet cutting process, liquid evaporates because of the heat in the cutting zone. Additionally, usage of high pressure system or high speed cutting operations causes so much liquid polarization in the air. Filtration of this dirty air brings so many benefits that some of main benefits listed below.

    Improves air quality that machine operators and all other workers at the working area breathes and prevents health problems.

    The cutting fluid evaporates, raises from machine and due to temperature difference falls upon all over work environment surface. Using filtration reduces costs of cleaning work environment also electric cabinets.

    With filltration giving condensed cutting fluid back into the machine minimizes cutting fluid loss.

    You don’t have to wait for the steam and smoke dispersion while removing / installing parts, especially while working with machines without automatic feeding system and this lowers the processing time.

    Due to need of smaller amount ventilation, heating and cooling costs drop significantly. Filtration will prevent increase of moisture of the working environment and this will also reduce heating and cooling costs.

    Air flow inside machine, produced by filtration system, helps to occur more stable thermal balance. This helps your machine process your material and therefore final products more precision.

    With LNS FOX WS series, we present you the best air filtration solutions. Our Machines which use mechanical filtration, have 3-stage filtration. With a turbo fan and two cartridge filters, filtration is performed at an optimum level.


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