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About Us

Last 10 years in our country, we lived quite rapid mechanization period at the machining industry. Currently, in order to respond to the still evolving and growing business potential, our industrialists continue to invest in equipment.

Are we using our existing machines with full capacity?

Are you wondering if with simple but brilliant ideas, techniques and technologies that are being used by others for many years and can’t we increase your productivity?

To hear our answer to this question, let us know you and give us an opportunity to present you solutions.

We believe that together with a smaller investment, it is possible to achieve greater efficiency increases.

Within this framework, we share with you our experiences and representing the best products in the field of producing world brand in Turkey. Our goal is not only to provide these products, to ensure that these products being used the most efficient way.


New generation products, consulting services, automation solutions, machine equipment

+90 312 395 57 82